Membership Dues Deadline July 10th

URGENT: Membership dues deadline is here!

The Membership Dues deadline is here!  If you fail to pay your dues and have them posted by July 10th, you will be dropped by the Grand Aerie on June 11th.  If you are dropped, you will have to re-enroll with 2 sponsors, pay a $20 initiation fee, be interviewed and voted on. No exceptions.

Please note:  June 10th is a Sunday and our secretary is not expected to be in the office on Sunday looking for last minute payments!  PLEASE: Pay your dues ASAP to assure your payment is posted and you remain a member of our Aerie!  I would personally have your payment in the secretary’s office before July 7th!

Please disregard this notice if you have already paid your 2022-2023 dues or you are a life member!


Mike Bollinger